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Camera API WG


Camera API WG is focused on platform independent developer APIs for cameras and remote control of camera and gimbal.

APIs under investigation include:

  • Remote Camera and Gimbal Control APIs (Julian Oes)
  • Video Streaming APIs
  • C/C++ developer camera APIs (FPV, Snapshot, Recording, Optic Flow, and Stereo)

Proposed APIs

The following submissions have been made with a request for comments:

Qualcomm Technologies Inc provided links to the platform independent Camera APIs used in Snapdragon Flight, for consideration and comment from TSC, Camera WG and the community:

Intel open-sourced their work on video streaming. The repository and initial documentation can be found at:

This initial version is based only on discovery via Zeroconf and therefore requires an active WiFi connection with the drone, but one of the items for future implementation is support for the current set of MAVLink messages there.

Information is in the discuss forum and feedback is requested and appreciated.

The Intel Aero and Snapdragon Flight platforms are both using RTSP for video streaming. The implementation difference is that Intel Aero is using GStreamer and Snapdragon Flight uses live555. The Dronecode Camera/Video streaming API should not be exposing implementation details.

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