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 ====== Pixhawk Autopilot Connector Standard ====== ====== Pixhawk Autopilot Connector Standard ======
-The Pixhawk ​Autopilot Connector Standard ​is documented as part of the [[https://​​pixhawk-connector-standard|Pixhawk ​Reference ​Standards]] (on Pixhawk ​connector standard ​is intended for in-vehicle, cross-PCB use. It uses the JST GH series, which offers a latch lock mechanism at a small size and a very competitive cost, and it's used across multiple ​Pixhawk Standards ​as the default connector.
-> Note, this was originally referred to as the "​Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard".+ 
 +The Pixhawk Autopilot Connector Standard is documented as part of the [[https://​​standards/​|Pixhawk Reference Standards]] and is referred to as the official Pixhawk DS-009 Standard, the latest up to date version can be found on GitHub. 
 +* [[https://​​pixhawk/​Pixhawk-Standards/​blob/​master/​DS-009%20Pixhawk%20Connector%20Standard.pdf|DS-009 Pixhawk Connector Standard]] (GitHub) 
 +> Note, this was originally referred to as the "​Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard."
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