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This WG has now been archived / closed.


The mandate of the group is to:

  1. Establish standards used for common data types, units, and formats that all vehicles transmit and receive and common data types, units, and formats that the airspace information providers transmit and receive.
  2. Lead the discussion on best practices for how to ensure separation between aircraft, which can then lead to agreement about common response behaviour.


Area Description
Conceptual documentation High level concepts and requirements such as unit definitions, datums etc.
Logical documentation Messaging, entities etc.
Physical documentation Physical object models, protocol definitions etc.
Supported APIs A list of supported providers of hazard, regulatory and environmental data and aerial capabilities APIs


Real-time chat for this group is available at

Management Group Meetings

Group members meet twice-monthly on a conference call to discuss progress toward delivery of our mandate, and to address specific, technical or process-related issues. Our meetings are minuted, copies of which are available in the archive.

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