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Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard

This document describes the connector series and pinouts Dronecode has standardized. The long-term goal is to offer several tiers of connectors:

  • Miniature, in-vehicle: JST GH
  • Small, IP9X or similar, automotive grade and sealed: This has not entered the standardization process.

Dronecode Mini

The Dronecode Mini (DCM) connector standard is intended for in-vehicle, cross-PCB use. It uses the JST GH series which offers a latch lock mechanism at small size and a very competitive cost ($0.15 / 6 pos connector footprint in quantities).


Telemetry Port

This pinout should be used for any serial port. Ports not supporting hardware flow control should leave the CTS and RTS lines floating.

Pin Signal Volt
1 (red) VCC +5V
2 (blk) TX (OUT) +3.3V
3 (blk) RX (IN) +3.3V
4 (blk) CTS (IN) +3.3V
5 (blk) RTS (OUT) +3.3V
6 (blk) GND GND

GPS port

This port is intended for combined serial plus I2C GPS units.

Pin Signal Volt
1 (red) VCC +5V
2 (blk) TX (OUT) +3.3V
3 (blk) RX (IN) +3.3V
4 (blk) I2C1 SCL +3.3V
5 (blk) I2C1 SDA +3.3V
6 (blk) GND GND


Pin Signal Volt
1 (red) VCC +5V
2 (blk) CAN_H +12V
3 (blk) CAN_L +12V
4 (blk) GND GND


The CURRENT signal should carry an analog voltage from 0-3.3V for 0-60A as default. For high-power units the range should be 0-3.3V for 0-120A. The VOLTAGE signal should carry an analog voltage from 0-3.3V for 0-50V as default.

The VCC lines have to offer at least 2.5A continuous and should default to 5.3V. A lower voltage of 5V is still acceptable, but discouraged.

Pin Signal Volt
1 (red) VCC +5.3V
2 (blk) VCC +5.3V
3 (blk) CURRENT +3.3V
4 (blk) VOLTAGE +3.3V
5 (blk) GND GND
6 (blk) GND GND

Dronecode Debug

To facilitate debug and service cables, Dronecode has developed several debug connectors, of which the Dronecode mini debug connector has entered active service.


Dronecode debug port (JST SM06B connector). The indicated voltage is nominal 3.3V, but for a target running at a lower voltage (e.g. 1.8V) the debug probe should shift its voltage to the target sense voltage. Up to 100 mA should be provided on VCC TARGET SHIFT so that debug adapters can drive their shifter / optocoupler directly from this line.

Pin Signal Volt
1 (red) VCC TARGET SHIFT +3.3V
2 (blk) CONSOLE TX (OUT) +3.3V
3 (blk) CONSOLE RX (IN) +3.3V
4 (blk) SWDIO +3.3V
5 (blk) SWCLK +3.3V
6 (blk) GND GND

Standard Compliant Boards and Manufacturers


For questions regarding the connector series, please contact the Dronecode Industrial Community director at

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