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This working group has made the necessary decisions/discussions required for docs work in the coming year. As the remit of the WG is met it has now been closed/archived.

Achievements include:

  1. Launched the refreshed DC site
  2. Agreed proposal for creating a unified DC branding strategy across the sites (a common footer and some common branding elements like fonts etc.)
  3. Created template and regular process for WG updates
  4. Moved all docs to infrastructure (Gitbook) with common plugins
  5. Enabled translation of documentation and have started to engage with the community.

The documentation work will of course continue. If you want to be involved contact us on dronecode discuss or our issues tracker.


The Documentation WG is tasked to improve the Dronecode and project sites and to extend and maintain developer and user documentation.

The group remit currently includes looking at how to:

  • Create a compelling and unified Dronecode platform story across project websites.
  • Document and update the Dronecode Roadmap and release cycle.
  • Regular news and community updates.
  • Project messaging, marketing and member recruiting.
  • Improve user and development guide documentation.
  • Enable translation of documentation and engagement with translation communities.

Key information:

  • Lead: Hamish Willee
  • Members: Peter Adams (Intel), Beatriz Palmeiro (Intel), Ulisses Furquim (Intel), Luis Strano (Intel), Chris Anderson (DroneCode), Mark Charlebois (Qualcomm), Hamish Willee (DroneCode, Dronekit), Lorenz Meier (PX4, QGC), Beat Küng (PX4)
  • Meetings: See below.
  • Contact: Site feedback or email: hamishwillee at gmail dot com


Meetings are *nominally* held weekly for 45 minutes at the following time:

  • Melbourne, Australia (AEST): Thursday 6.15 am
  • Geneva, Switzerland: Weds 10.15pm
  • San Francisco, USA: Weds 1.15pm

If you're interested in attending, then please email us to confirm that meeting is being held and get details (hamishwillee at gmail dot com).

Current status

  • Dronecode site is being refreshed.
    • The site will continue to hold information about membership but will additionally become a hub for information about working with the platform/projects, and for getting hold of source code, roadmap information and documentation.
    • Site will be migrating from Drupal to WordPress in April/May timeframes.
    • We will have much greater control over content.
  • Working Group wiki pages.
    • These have been created/updated for most WGs.
    • We are still iterating the information we provide.
  • Working Group monthly updates.
    • We have decided to use the DC blog as the mechanism for publishing project updates (accomplishments, challenges, future plans).
    • A template has been created and a number of updates have been posted.
    • We hope to get all WG Leads posting in the coming months.
  • Create a compelling and unified Dronecode platform story
    • We have started to look at options to roll out across project sites, including common fonts/headers, footers, some common menus and branding elements.
  • Documentation improvements:
    • The PX4 User Guide has been migrated to Gitbook
      • All main Dronecode projects now share the same documentation toolchain.
    • All the QGroundControl and PX4 docs sites have been made ready for translation
      • We've started to engage Korean and Chinese translator communities.
    • Useful Gitbook plugins have been added to all sites, including plugins for per-page TOC.

Open issues

Currently unable to document release notes as there is no TSC-approved set.

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