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Messaging WG


Evaluate middleware solutions for communication between GCS, drone, cloud, and between processes running on the vehicle. Select the best solution and evaluate ROS compatibility.

Some requirements include:

  • Robust, SW messaging solution for commercial deployments of PX4
  • Needs to scale to optimally support remote connections over an unreliable link, to onboard interprocess communication, and in-process communication.
  • On-board heterogeneous compute (i.e. between different types of SoC core running parts of the flight stack) to be handled by a communication bridge.
  • Extensible serialization format

Weekly Messaging WG Meetings: Google Hangout, Thurs mornings PT.

Current Status

The majority of the work to date has been done by eProsima on creating a bridge between uORB and RTPS. There are repositories on Github and videos on YouTube of the progress to date:

Intel is actively working on support FastRTPS on Aero:

Open Issues

There are a few open issues to resolve:

  • Whether to support ROS via full ROS2 support and existing ROS2 to ROS bridge or create a MAVROS impelmentation that works with RTPS
  • PX4 Integration plan
    • The details of the PX4 integration plan need to be flushed out
  • Snapdragon FastRPC support, OMG IDL and DDS RPC
    • Investigate the best architecture for integration of FastRTPS with FastRPC
  • Serialization format
    • ROS2 uses ROS serialization format which is currently not extensible
    • 3DR had selected Cap n' Proto for serialization

Previous Analysis

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