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User Experience WG

The User Experience WG is tasked to create and promote UX resources that ease, simplify and accelerate development of products based on (or part of) the Dronecode platform. UX Resources might include:

  • Comparative/competitive UI/UX analysis of platform software/hardware.
  • Usability reports on platform systems, documentation, websites or any other parts of the platform or project.
  • Redesign of QGroundControl features (or other systems) based on UX research
  • Creation of UX toolkits to allow simpler customization of products.

The group remit currently includes looking at: User Interface and User Research.

Lead: Beatriz Palmeiro (Intel), Fabricio Novak (Intel)

Contact: Site feedback or email: beatriz.palmeiro at intel dot com


Meetings are Monthly, every 26 at 9am (Pacific Time)

If you're interested in attending, then please email us to confirm that meeting is being held and get details (beatriz dot palmeiro at intel dot com).


Current status

Jun, 2017


  • We presented a preview of the survey results:

- 58 responses, 7 members - Brazil, US, Switzerland - 1 to 3 years of experience - Mostly are part of a company (11-50 employees) - Surveillance and agriculture - Mostly flights are autonomous

The survey will be accepting responses until de end of the month.

May, 2017


  • Fabricio started classifying members accordingly to the user clusters we have. It is a WIP, we encourage any comments.
  • Beatriz presented the questions for the survey. The survey basically covers questions related to:
  • Ramon provided a lot of valuable feedback:
  • Fabricio commented he did some progress on DC and projects branding. He will present the proposal soon.

We agreed to change the meetings frequency. It will be monthly. Every month on 26, 9 am (Pacific time). The contributions will continue to happen offline through Google Drive comments and slack channel. Updates will be posted on the wiki also.

April, 2017

Apr, 26.

  • Beatriz and Fabricio shared the plan to engage design contribution. They started organizing some guidelines to present to the local community.
  • Beatriz provided an overview of DC user profile research status. She presented the steps, the timeline and the output of the study.
  • Details can be found here

Apr, 11.

  • UXWG was approved at the last TSC meeting
  • Joint effort with Documentation WG to redesign DC site
  • The first meeting happened on Apr, 11.

Next steps


  • Evaluate, accept and catalog user experience resources on a continuous basis or during scheduled calls for submissions.
  • Work with submitters to refine the deliverables to meet the criteria defined by the User Experience Work Group (UXWG).
  • Ensure that market-driven strategies and goals of DroneCode are met by the submitted material.
  • Share and report status of prospective user experience resources with UXWG for technical evaluation and feasibility.
  • Establish and document working procedures of this WG.
  • Ensure the UX recommendations effectively adopted


The User Experience WG is designed to provide a responsive and timely element in DroneCode for gathering and considering new user centric design resources that is not coupled to an overall development cycle. The UXWG will cooperate closely with the Documentation WG.

The group remit currently includes looking at:

User Research Research reports can not only help the community to identify and fix problems, but also influence the development of new features and stimulating activities around the creation of new use cases. These reports will grant developers the end user point of view, leading initiatives to focus on features that can turn DroneCode applications into complete solutions for different customers.

User interface A collaborative UI collection that combines user feedback with DroneCode projects needs and interests to facilitate and accelerate the drones solution development. With a set of UI components, the overall experience of the entire platform can be transformed, granting consistency between UI elements and patterns of interaction, turning Dronecode based applications into a competitive choice.

Proposal Submissions

Submission of material to the working group is via different templates that provide a common baseline for all submissions. A submitter may provide additional background and analysis with a submission. The UXWG will keep records of submitted material and their disposition. The WG maintains this archive in a manner that makes it readily accessible to the DC membership. The UXWG will apply the acceptance criteria necessary for a submission to be considered.

How to collaborate

To be defined


How can we measure the success/necessity of the WG? Suggestions are welcome, some ideas below:

  • increase the number of UX related issues solved
  • conduct ‘N’ user researches in a period (define N and period)
  • Research report views
  • UI assets downloads

UXWG also expect to impact these DC KPIs:

  • how much the solutions are used? (adoption)
  • increase the number of members
  • increase the number of projects
  • increase the project's’ adoption
  • increase the number of collaborators


The UXWG invite all members to vote into some proposals that could might be a common interest:

User Research

  • Design Principles
  • Commercial Use cases
  • GCS Benchmark focused on commercial uses (including proprietary solutions)
  • Developer Toolkit (SDK) Benchmark
  • Heuristic Evaluation Tool
  • User testing
  • Feedback from community


  • Ground Control Station UI improvements
  • Simulation Environment UI improvements
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